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I’m just about to start this.


the Handmaid’s Tale (C4) seems quite good albeit bleak.

Is it Mike Pence’s vision of how America should be once the Donald implodes?


It’s certainly eerily plausible. All they need is a pussy grab as being the standard way that men greet women and they’d have America, 2020.


America is a strange place with, on the one hand their peculiarly old fashioned puritanism, while on the other the mass consumption/production of porn and the endless stream of lewdness that keeps Daily Mail website visitors clicking away on their panel of shame down the right hand side. There’d need to be some kind of major cultural earthquake involving severe internet censorship to make puritanism the norm there.



The One Love concert in Manchester on Beeb 1 :+1:


I know we mercilessly rip the piss out of Mumford, but it was a emotional opening to the show.


Playing the daft punk song made him almost bearable!


Next episode is on now :+1:

Well worth watching


I’m gong to say it…

The Manchester gig may have been musically debatable, and I think Arianna probably thinks she is a Princess…

But if you weren’t moved by that you don’t have a soul.

The faces on the kids were what it was all about.


Did you watch it on the och-aye player?


No, it was on BBC4 last night. Strange channel swap mystery


BBC4? In the Shetland Isles? What a time to be alive!!!


Indeed. BBC4 HD




You can whistle till the cows come home, but the latest rumour here is that a near neighbour (I’m unable to reveal their identity for fear of looters) has a phonograph on order!

Beat that on the mainland :astonished:


Started watching it last night after seeing post. Really enjoyable and some cracking interviews


Wax cylinder?