What I'm watching


Just watched the first installment - feckin wierd! :open_mouth:


Ditto. About half way through first episode, not sure what I think.


It does deviate from Neil Gaimans book, sometimes for good, sometimes not.

I miss Wednesday and Shadows road tour taking in various hick town museums dedicated to the obscure.

Overall I think they’ve captured the feel of the book pretty well.


Don’t spoil it for me Mr Apostrophe :angry:


I’m not spoiling I’m adding :slightly_smiling_face:. The museum bits have been excluded so unless they suddenly begin including them then it’s not a spoiler.


Ah, ok sorry.


Just watched this

Probably as near as the real world gets to the look of sci-fi. Filmed by one woman with a camera and, I’m guessing, a drone or three. Beautiful.



I watched it too Graeme, really enjoyed it. Especially the plumber who really, really missed his Tinder… :grin:




Finished season 1 of The Young Pope last night. Very good, great stylising and quite weird a lot of the time too. Definitely looking forward to season 2.



Jesus Chris, it’s been ages since I’ve seen that. Stallone was actually quite impressive in it.


Very good film that :+1:


Really enjoyed it myself but thought it was a one off thing unless he comes back as the Holy Ghost ?



The Sky at Night, Vatican Special.

Interesting to see some extremely clever priest/scientists carrying out research that might well lead to proof that there is no God. I suppose they think that it could equally lead to proof that there is a God. Worth catching it on iplayer.



Watching it now on BBC4 :thumbsup:


Cardinal is a bit disturbing…I like it :grin:


Rugger, just started BBC2.

Argentina v England. hope it’s as good as last weeks fantastic match.