What I'm watching


Great entertainment on a sweaty evening. 25-32


Just finished Billions S2. Nicely set up for another season.


Watched the last one, quite enjoyed it, though the twist was a little weak



Just finished watching Twin Peaks S1 again. S2 and it’s ups, downs and surreal nonsense to follow.


Riviera 2 episodes in. Promising. Im quite liking the Handmaids Tale on Ch4 too.
Looking forward to Hugh Laurie’s new drama Chance starting tonight on Universal.

Not long to wait for Game of Thrones. :smile:


Yay! Love this series :slight_smile:


As you know (as you are watching again) season two is poor. I’ve not long watched it for the third time and the last ten or so episodes are not good!

Is anyone watching the new series? It’s been hard work for some not familiar with Lynch, but yesterday’s episode 7 is starting to pay back the scene setting patience and pushing the story arc back home…

The Fire, Walk with Me movie is almost essential if you want some context for S3.


Watched the last episode of American Gods and although it has been ok it’s had pretty much no substance so far.

Not sure if I will bother waiting for season 2.

Really do like the title music and soundtrack though.


Watching England slaughter S. Africa in the first 20-20


I thought it was fantastic until the last episode, where it just kind of petered out. :frowning:


Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip. Enjoyed the Italy episode. Taking a look at the German one.


Get the fuck out.


It’s a very watchable program is that :thumbsup:


Watched the first two episodes last night and thought they were very good.


Just finished watching Paula.




How much does she charge? Is this why you had to sell the DJ deck?

Watching Radiohead at Glastonbury. I’ve never really liked them, and this set isn’t really doing anything to change that.


should have turned over for Dizzee Rascal great set, in tact probably a bit better than when I saw him a few weeks at Brighton Wildlife festival


Don’t mind a bit of grime, so I’ll be making full use of the iplayer to catch up on stuff. You do have to hand it to the BBC, when they decide to make the effort, their coverage of events like this is world class.