What I'm watching


Catching up on Lexx as I missed it all those years ago. Pleasingly mental, if somewhat troubling due to the obsession with brains and sphincters.


It’s nuts that is :slight_smile:

Re the Bakeoff, we watched it as a family, it was fine…


I watched Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy last night.




Ooops, I spelled Tailor wrong, ahahahahahahaha, nice one :slight_smile:


Because of reasons I only started watching it half an hour after it started, on catch-up. By the time it finished I had actually caught up!

I thought Pru was great, and the bloke (Noel?) I had never heard of wasn’t great.


He’s ‘famous’ for The Mighty Boosh.


Never heard of it


Fuck the bake off



Me neither, although it did have a fleeting glimpse of vinyl in that clip :+1:


My sistor of 4 years younger loved it at the time, it didn’t do it for me to be honest.


Glad you noticed, I spent ages looking for that clip.


err…don’t worry next time :wink:


I would have thought he would be more well known from ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’


He was also in the IT Crowd


I was a fan of the Mighty Boosh and saw their rather surreal tour a few years back. Met Noel at a party and he’s exactly as he is on screen, a bit quiet and awkward but very funny if he sees an opportunity for his particular type of humour.

He’s a big alternative music fan and loves records.


I dip in and out of GBBO. Don’t mind it if it’s on, but don’t make a special effort to watch it any more.

I did see last night’s and was very surprised how familiar it all felt. Yes I know the formula is the same, but the personnel did a decent job of keeping the same vibe. I thought Pru Leith did an excellent job of replacing Mary Berry. The show will probably succeed on that alone.

I also liked Noel from his previous stuff, but I can see that some more conservative viewers who haven’t seen him before will take a while to get used to him.


…And agree that the advert breaks were brutal. Definitely one to pre-record or catchup.


She was great, felt like she had always been there.

I like Noel, just didn’t get all the fuss over the mighty boosh (from my Sister), but then I’m a Python fan and she didn’t get that because it’s very old :slight_smile:

I’ve always liked Sandi, even since No.73, remember that?!


According to The Guardian’s Mark Lawson, “The eighth series of the extreme patisserie challenge manages to seem exactly the same but also just different enough.”

Looks like Mark Lawson had similar sentiments to me.