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He gets paid loads for airing them though :rofl:


Sky Arts

Starting now:

Willie Nelson: Sounstage


Strike - The Cuckoo’s Calling.

Pretty good so far - stays faithful to the book.


Been catching up with Ripper Street S5.

Pretty intense episode 3. Crikey.


Love that series :+1:


It was another strong series overall. Much to look forward to.

I rowed my way through the Handmaid’s Tale which was an interesting idea with much current relevance and really enjoyed Fargo 3 (David Thewlis masterclass in that one) and am now rowing across the murky waters of The State which has more echoes of the Handmaid’s Tale than I can imagine they anticipated. Episode one was something of an IS recruitment film but now it is starting to go wrong.


Sadly it seems debatable as to whether there will be a series 6


No, I realised that. I meant there was much for Mark to look forward to if he’s only on ep3.


My bad


Just finished watching ‘Trust Me’.



I thought The State conveyed the journeys of would be jihadists in a sympathetic but realistic way. The makers did a lot of research and interviewed many people who have been involved in such experiences. The first episode merely supported the rosy picture painted by recruiters to encourage the naïve to enlist in “the struggle”.

The final denouement was bleak. It did not hide the fact that IS are vicious, fundamentalist scumbags.

I thought it a powerful piece of television.


I agree, it is. I notice (watching it on catch up) that the ad breaks often contain recruitment ads for the British army or the Royal Marines. Given that our military are struggling badly in finding new cannon fodder recruits I suppose that’s a grim if inevitable consequence of showing such a series.


Just watched the first episode of ‘Strike - The Cuckoo’s Calling’ on iplayer, I like it.


Narcos Season 3.

4 episodes in it looks like not much work is getting done today. So far not as good as Season 2 but showing promise.


Grew up with the head and his brothers, lost touch after that but still interesting to see.


I tried it and didn’t like it then gave it another go and loved it.


Slow TV


Len Goodman’s Partners In Rhyme.

He raps the theme tune.

Kill me now.


watched phantom on Netflix . story of Russian sub that nearly started a war


Kill Bill: Vol 2

W+1 now