What I'm watching


TOTP 1984. Bananarama. MmmmmKeren…:heart_eyes:


Best watched with the sound muted :thumbsup:


GoT S7. Far too short.


I agree but definitely a case of quality over quantity.


Kids are shattered from swimming so watching Lego Batman Movie :+1:


Leicester v Bath on BT Sport


The full 280-minute version, not the inferior movie cut.




Brilliant stuff.


My wife put 50 shades of grey on so I muted it and put the remote on the floor in the middle of the room (she’s at the stage of pregnancy where retrieving things from ground level is difficult)


You do realise that all this badness will come back and bite you on the arse :grinning:


I was pissing myself laughing as she tried to kick it off the floor onto the couch


I fear there’s a storm comin’, and maybe not in a good way …



Just saw Dunkirk. While I enjoyed it, it do agree with the comments above - it’s missing something, but what that is us hard to pin down.


Last of Twin Peaks

17… ok

18… errr. Ok!

Making me think which is no bad thing. Maybe the end. Plenty of room for more.
Fantastic ride.


‘The Enforcer’


Went to the pictures to see it with a mate when it first came out but never watched it since




Waiting for it to come on Amazon Prime.


Just finished watching ‘Strike’.

I hate it when I guess who the murderer is in the first episode…good though.


Great book, series OK.


Watched GoT S7 over the last few days.