What I'm watching


great fan of clint and all his dirty harry films


Just finished the Westworld series. I really enjoyed it.


On my way to midnight viewing of IT.


Tin Star.


Ok? Was debating watching this tonight.

Should have and sacked the football.



Bit like Fortitude.


Which I thought was a bit arse


Watched episode 1 last night. Strange, yet intriguing.

Looking forward to Ep2 to see how it develops


Yeah, me too. Fortitude disappeared up its own arse.

This seems more promising to be fair. And it has Christina Hendricks. :heart_eyes:


Not what I had expected but will see how it goes. I’m hoping Roth goes full on psycho.


On episode 4 at the moment. Kind of weird.


Ha, I’d better stop reading this thread. We’re watching it in real time


Sky have made it all downloadable…


Oh, and Christina Hendricks.


Episode 4 also. Tim Roth always has that air of menace.

Enjoying it so far. Will catch another episode this morning. Oh… and Christina Hendricks.


Up to episode 6. While some of it is cliche and somewhat unbelievable, I’m really enjoying it. Definitely quite dark and unpredictable with a David Lynch type vibe.




Fuck me, that was some nasty. (Yes, plenty to criticise, but… fuck)


Bingeing on S2 of The Expanse.


Good call on this, Tim Roth has a dark side that really suits this show.