What I'm watching


I did like it. Currently on the fourth book


Me too.


Me too.




Grand Prix for the >20th time :+1:


watching 5th series of spooks which i just love


Just finishing 5 now.

A touch of deep rooted malevolence coming to the surface now.


Forum strapline right there. :slight_smile:


Just finished watching tin star, first few episodes were very very good but thought it got a bit dull towards the end.

They should have explored his darker side much more, probably won’t bother with S2 now.


I really enjoyed it, apart from some issues that probably only bother me, ie Bobbie wasn’t anywhere near in good enough shape to be an an elite Martian Marine Gunnery Sgt and fucking engine/ gun noise in a vacuum :rage:

Jared Harris is excellent as Dawes and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him in S3, which is already in production, Yay!


The Search for a New Earth on beeb2 at the mo.


very much enjoying fawlty towers on yesterday at 9pm this week , hilarious


I’ve been watching the new installment of Strike and also Astronauts: Do you Have What It Takes?



Bloody brilliant film.


Superb - Bardem is perfectly cast in it. Great book too.


I can’t think of a more intimidating film-baddie than Bardem in NCFOM. It’s all in his voice which menaces, Friend-oh


He’s brilliant in it - reminded me a lot of Lee Marvin in Point Blank.


Yep, Lee Marvin in Point Blank and Robert Mitchum in Cape Fear. Some of both.


Fantastic frontline reporting by Alex Crawford on the mainly-Kurdish push to eliminate remaining ISIS forces in Raqqa. The sort or reportage the BBC used to do so well but have given up on.