What I'm watching


It’s a bloody shame that it’s at Tranmere. You’d think the FA could have arranged for Russia to be hosted at Anfield or Goodison.

I suppose the ground looks fuller though.


God I watched that, thought it was wank.


I was really disappointed. Ludicrous plot.


I didn’t have high hopes after Prometheus, and I was still a bit disappointed.


really enjoyed this . this week



The Making of Marc Bolan (again)

Sky Arts now


Ray Donovan

The flash backs and whole wife stuff is dreadful.

Colony is fun but still all a bit lightweight.


More Black Mirror, fantastic stuff. New Star Trek on Netflix come the 25th. Narcos S3 is great, American Horror S6 to get stuck into and loved Alien Covenant.


I’ve just watched The Matrix with my son. He’s joined a rather small group of people who’ve watched it while they still believe in Father Christmas.


Are there new Black Mirror episodes or are you catching up?

Edit - I stopped being lazy and checked. Can’t see any more. Don’t seem to remember the last one but it shows I watched it.


I’ve just completed all 4 series of People Just Do Nothing.
Probably the best mockumentary sitcom since The Office (imo)


The Daily Show. I really like Trevor Noah :+1:


Arrival, on DVD. Not bad, not bad at all.




Watched this with young fella m’lad on Saturday :slight_smile:


Momentum supporter at Lab party conference?


Just watched half an hour of this, hmmmmm…



I watch a few minutes of it, decided it looked too harrowing so put on the Philip K Dick thing instead


Star Trek day :slight_smile: