What I'm watching


Coffee made, teed up, excuse me for a while.


played the music to arrival so many times but not seen it yet . must get round to it


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword on bluray. Not as bad as I expected but still pretty shite to be honest.


Just watched star trek discovery, very good.

Then this came up as a suggestion, what an utter pile of complete wank, turned it off as soon as keanu reeves appeared but pretty much realised it was dog toffee 10 mins in


Just finished disc 1 of the first series of Designated Survivor with Keifer Sutherland and the stunning Natascha McElhone. Excellent so far.


Star Trek - hmmm.


Yeah, bit disappointing. All a bit overwrought/overdone.

Narcos S3 is proving very good.

Also enjoyed S2 of The Expanse. Much better than the first.


Fuck insomnia. Time to start Game of Thrones series 5.


Watched the first two episodes of Star Trek Discovery with Sam, we enjoyed it, quite a lot of klingon, must brush up on that :+1:

Donna thought it was hilarious when I said Klingon was a proper language…meh…women…


I ended up binge watching that on Netflix, I enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Show her this http://klingonska.org/dict/


I really fancy the new Blade Runner movie.


I didn’t know there was one! Will have a look.



That’s knockout stuff, they gave me some of that when I got shot in NI.


Skip mind garden, go straight to hurt locker.


It’s spelled ‘knee’



Yup, it’s either going to be amazing or just ruin everything :slight_smile:


Just finished S5 of House of Cards. It really does rank as being one of the best TV series I’ve ever seen I think, just phenomenal. My productivity has been awful in the last week mind.