What I'm watching


Agreed, astonishingly gripping.


Don’t know that show but oh lordy, Natascha McElhone …



Just watched the first of season 2 of Designated Survivor…


She’s also in Ronin, which is a fantastic film.


Watched the first episode of Tin Star last night and will watch another to see if it picks up pace.



Black Lake, some Swedish dark thriller on the och-aye player.

Seems to be about a group of youths who go to a deserted ski resort. Just watched first episode, formulaic but may have potential.

This time last week I was in Croatia.


Finished S1 this evening. Highly recommended.


Really ? We hadn’t realised :smirk:


Are you missing the frisson of excitement afforded by your threesome (& Pivo, the Croatian boy)


I actually visited this place http://sierranevada.es/en/winter/the-ski-resort/ once, in summer when it was pretty much deserted. I was on holiday. Don’t get me wrong, but from your recent posts I get the feeling you could use a holiday.



we watched hatari which is set in tanzania and involves catching big animals for zoos . john wayne in it


the music is fabulous to solaris , play it all the time


Dr Foster.


Sleeping with the light on tonight…


Star Trek Discovery Ep. 3 is a huge step up from the first two. Hopefully this might get interesting after the mess of the first two.


Just started curb your enthusiasm for the first time.

Laughing and only 5 mins in. :slight_smile:


First time…ever? Oh man, it’s deadly.


Yeah, don’t know why I never watched it before.

Been told to look out for the one with the chef with tourettes.


used to watch that intermittently, as it’s so funny it doesn’t matter I didn’t have a clue what the ongoing story was.