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Yeah watched in with Sam No.1 Son last night, and it’s got legs, we both like it’s dark nature…


I was wondering how Jason Isaacs would be as a star fleet captain but they’ve made him quite dark and nasty which he is playing really well.

Looking forward to the rest of this.


I’ve watched the first two episodes of this

and they’ve been good. I was a child while most of the Vietnam war was on so I only remember the odd news story. And then it all went a bit quiet. Watching the footage it’s disconcerting to see how much of it looks like Apocalypse Now! for real.



I was a kid as well but I was in Toronto. We had it on the news every bloody day. And being an annoyingly inquisitive bugger I watched with horror. By the age of 8 I was a pacifist.


We had it heavy, man. Oz was right in the thick of it with wall to wall coverage. I joined the Moritorium marches at age 10. Been a pacifist ever since.


Chickenhawk is a great book about a helo pilot in the Vietnam war, very funny but lots of honesty as well.



IIRC Aus went and helped didn’t they? The Cannucks said fuck off and do your own dirty work :+1:


Only war that conscription was enforced in Australian history IIRC. Big.fucking.error.


Blimey. That I didn’t know. North America isn’t brilliant at presenting news from around the world. Unless it’s a fucking war they’re involved in.


This is true. The WWs had huge numbers of volunteers because Oz was supporting King/Queen and country.
As far as I recall;
When the Yanks came calling for support against the Commies in Vietnam, the resultant volunteers didn’t materialise. Due to the ANZUS alliance, Australia was obliged to provide X numbers of Diggers. The only way to achieve this was through Conscription.


I thought the volunteers served overseas in WW2 which is why I put IIRC. Didn’t the conscripts (chocos I think) serve domestically, which led to loads of them getting shot to ribbons in PNG?

Bert and Ernie :roll_eyes: For.Fuck’s Sake…


Watched Arrival for the second time, all the better for it. It’s shot to number 2 in my all time fave sci-fi flic book, for now.


Forbidden Planet will remain number 1 for a while longer :slight_smile:


You earned it.


Cheers Kermit.

You feckin’ nipple…




^^ I said that !


…and don’t go spoiling it as I’ve only watched a couple so far :slight_smile:


I’ve only watched the 1st one! :slight_smile:


What do you think ?