What I'm watching


It’s got fit birds in it :wink:


Shallow. :slight_smile:


It reminded of The Shining,which is a good thing in my book, plenty of things to discover I think, part two in a bit…it’s got me…


Brings back some happy memories :slight_smile:


Is it normal to want to feel the urge to throw large and heavy objects at the TVbox when Question Time is on ?


Yep. Very British. You’ve been here too long mate.


For the sake of my blood pressure I’ve basically given up watching it, unless I know there’s someone on who can potentially keep the bullshit in check. I think it’s basically Ian Hislop and that’s it.


I got a new 4K TV yesterday and have been enjoying Netflix. I’ve already watched the first episodes of Designated Survivor S2 and am now watching Star Trek Discovery. Tonight I will be watching Stranger Things.


How big?


Rick and Morty, Series 3 on Netflix.
Stupid humans in some VERY strange situations.


Only 55" but it’s massive compared to my old 40" one.


Straight Outta Compton


I had a 32" and went to 55", couldn’t believe the difference when it was delivered.


Documentary last night about the life and work of Jean Michel Basquiat, fascinating artist.



Watching this with the Chuckle Brothers




Yes, LG 55C7. It’s a big improvement over my Phillips.


Watched Star Trek Nemesis with Sam this morning, Tom Hardy looked young!


Enter The Dragon for the 999th time.

Whaaaaaaaaa oooooohhhh yaaaaaaahhh


In 1 hour’s time I’ll be watching Louis Theroux’s new series Dark States at 9 on 2.