What I'm watching


I might just be able to squeeze the last Rick and Morty episode in first, thanks.


Whilst eating one of coco’s chillis I take it? :slight_smile:


A Philip K Dick moment …

I’ve been recording C4’s Electric Dreams series based on PKD’s short stories so I can watch at leisure and FF through the ads. I’m a bit behind so I’ve only got as far as the second episode, Impossible Planet, which I dialled up last night. Imagine my disappointment when I saw that the progress bar was only lit up for the first 4 minutes - obviously I’d somehow managed to cancel the recording shortly after it had started. Damn.

Anyway, I watched the first four minutes and sure enough at that point the sound and picture stopped. Or more exactly the picture became a blocky pixellated mess. But after a second or so’s stutter it reformed itself and the programme carried on !! When I got to the ad break I hit FF, hoping to see the progress bar pop up and get an idea of whether I had in fact got the whole show. Instead the programme went immediately back to the very start and the cycle repeated - 4mins of lit up progress bar, stutter, then breakthrough to the world beyond. Hitting any button on the remote after the transition took me back to the very start again. So I just watched the whole thing, ads and all, then went to bed.

I’ve never seen my Virgin Tivo box do this before. I think I’ll check my wallet for Joe Chip money.



Paused Louis Theroux last night and when I pressed play the next programme was on, Snowfall. About a kid in L.A. getting into the coke business. Thought it was good.


I found the Loius Theroux programme was profoundly depressing. To think that most of the heroin addicts in Huntington initially became hooked on prescription drugs is startling.


I only saw the first bit but he mentioned over prescription by doctors with pharmaceutical companies getting a mention, for pressuring them to prescribe it no doubt.


Wales v Ireland, from behind the sofa…


Tunes for Tyrants.
Great documentary!


brilliant enter the dragon and love the soundtrack



Watched Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War again over the last week or so. I’d been meaning to watch this again since I first saw it years ago; it struck me in the same way as The World At War did.

It’s a bit rough quality wise on YouTube but still a very powerful series maybe even more so now given how the Orange Overlord has been acting


Middling film, object lesson in contemporary architecture.

Seriously, watch it again and work out where each major scene is set.


Bladerunner 2049 on IMAX. Sound and visuals were awesome. Enjoyed it but overall can’t escape the feeling that something was missing?


Vietnam on BBC4: if there’s a better documentary ever made I’d be interested to see it.


Mindhunters on Netflix, just crammed the lot of them. Tells the story of the development of the classification of serial killers, Profiling. Can’t say more without giving the plot away, worth a watch.


I’ve just started watching it today actually, only got about half way through the first episode so far, but i’m liking it :+1:


Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War might run it close Ben - excellent stuff.


Cheers Allan, I’ll watch that after :+1:


Hap & Leonard on Amazon.

It does feature the charms of -


Danny la Rue?