Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


I would think most of us would have been looking in the ‘What Have You Drunk Today’ thread




Fair enough since 1983, but what has he done now?


Confirmed he’s probably the only gay vegan that the EDL would admit to their ranks.


What a fucknugget…

He has a previous history for this kind of thing. He should know better.


Idols and their clay feet, he’s such a fucking disappointment.


It’s so easy to laugh,
It’s so easy to hate
It take guts to be gentle and kind

Music Marr
Lyrics: A. Hypocrite


I’ve stolen that Olan, sorry.


Feel free. I was tempted to post it on Morrissey’s FB page but don’t need the aggro. Where did it go?


Have a guess… :rage:

I don’t give a shit about the aggro…


It is somewhere I no longer bother looking at by any chance?


Sorry, I edited as you were posting. FB.


Morrissey’s timeline then?




Good lad. I’ve had this crop up several times in my timeline today:

While I agree 100% with the overt message the covert message is from British Freedom a bunch of fucking fascists flying a false flag…

Morons everywhere, vegan or otherwise can have one as far as I am concerned.


A huge steel toe capped hoof to the bollocks of Paul Nuttal. I’ve just this minute seen his political meandering and his attempt to make political gain from the MEN atrocity. You really are a despicable twat, I’m surprised you haven’t claimed to have been there you insignificant heap of shite.


The girl on FB that was saying how could the bomber hit Manchester on Morrisseys birthday…FFS


I’ve had many years watching her on the Disney channel via the kids.



I have my own scale, again with 6 levels,

Miserable cunt
Popular miserable cunt
Overrated miserable cunt
Has-been miserable cunt
Attention seeking has been miserable cunt