Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


True, but that’s often caused by the image compression algorithm (JPEG, for example). The finer print in the top left corner also has pixellation (strictly it’s an edge artifact) around it. That part of the picture was less sharp-edged and less colour-contrasted to start with, so the algorithm copes better, but the artifacts are still clear.



We need NCIS for the real truth.

Zoom and ENHANCE.


Even if the amended bomb didn’t exist in reality some idiot circulated the image which furthers an eye for an eye mentality. More bombing isn’t the answer.


This. The fact that you have sectarian and political issues at play makes this whole situation very difficult to manage. Doesn’t mean you should try though.



I imagine the powers-that-be would argue that a complex problem requires a complex solution i.e. that we should use all of the resources at our disposal - diplomatic, economic, military and any others that I’m ignorant of. Foregoing any of them, including the military one, would arbitrarily restrict our toolkit. The debate, of course, then becomes about the balance between the use of these resources.



The print media circulated it, supports the current zeitgeist around string and stable etc. Contrast this to the story doing the rounds about Corbyn attending a remembrance service in Tunisia. At least the broadcast media are showing up the Tory lies for what they are. Peston ripped Fallon a new arse the other day, priceless.


Moving house. What a fucking arse ache!


I feel your pain brother. Never again for me.



You couldn’t make it up. I had a letter of apology from BA last night which gives a link to an EU261 claim form. I spent 10 minutes filling out the form, clicked send only to get a message to say that the page had timed out, and the message disappeared. Fucking, cunting, whoring useless wankers :rage: :rage: :rage:


Let me get this straight. You tried to resolve a problem with BA via their computer system? :grinning:


They said it wuz all workin’ again, honest guv


Perhaps the Spanish airline lied?


I’m off to Greece in a cpl of weeks via BA, but what with M&S sandwiches, and you have to do your own seat allocation etc, etc… I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to choose BA as my first choice for flights, as there appears to be very little differentiation between them and normal budget airlines…

Anyone else finding that?


Similarly, flying BA to Rome in a couple of weeks. Let’s hope they’ve sorted their shit out :thinking:


Don’t know mate, I always go straight to budget and do not pass go.


Not flown BA for about 12 years. I really have no preconceived ideas.


Generally BA don’t fly to where I need to go, so I get SleazyJet and Lufthansa, guess which one is massively better!!


You’re lucky to get seat cushions on Lufthansa!
Air Berlin are pretty good around Europe…

If you’re travelling long haul, then its normally the Mid-East airlines that are the best, but haven’t flown them for ages…


BA (I have a shit load of Avios points) , Vueling, EasyJet for Europe


It was the 1st time I have ever flown BA and computer crashing aside I found it a poor experience. The plane (777) looked grubby, the flight attendants were miserable, the choice of films etc was abysmal and the cabin was freezing. I don’t feel the cold too much, but I was wearing jeans, a long sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt and still had to ask for a blanket. I have had better flights with Easyjet, Ryanair and especially Monarch.