Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Jeeze, are you still banging on about this holiday??

I’ve been down to Londaaahn for the weekend and you don’t hear me going on abaaaht it do you?.

You caaant. :slight_smile:


Don’t you have some pipes that need strangling son? :smiley:




Victoria Apollo. Wicked. Treat for my wife. Wasn’t as bad as expected.

Nearly wet myself towards end of first half due to heatstroke and lager.


Removed my wittty comeback as the gag just didn’t fly.


I imagine it’s a very different experience for you Twinkle, being in the audience rather than on stage and centre of attention?


Did it start “Three platinum group elements walk into a bar …” ?


Only flown with them once.

Someone literally died mid-flight.

I know it’s wrong to laugh, but seeing the cabin staff struggling to hide (there’s no way of getting round it) a corpse covered in a blanket was darkly humourous.


Whoever allows this to persist.

I’m not especially OCD but this has bugged me for years. There’s no font I know of where the Zero is shorter than the number One.

Why does perhaps the most photographed house number in the world have to look so shit? It’s as if whoever was doing it had a box of numbers and mounted a Zero from the wrong (smaller) set alongside the One & didn’t even bother to align it vertically.

(actually, it seems it’s painted & repainted on so the crime is repeated each time it’s done.) Cunts.

If I were PM it’d be the first thing I’d sort out. Everything else could wait.

(lifted from last night’s debate studio)but is the signwriter who does it at Downing St permanently drunk? It’s all over the place.


No bucket??


If that’s the only thing you currently have to worry about 10 Downing street, you’re doing ok :wink:


It’s the Kindersley font, init


close but it doesn’t look quite the same


I hadn’t noticed til last night,does look weird.


There is a (long) attempt at an explanation here.

there may once have been brass numbers with the 0 mounted in a wonky way & that has persisted. But the number as it’s painted now does seem to be a copy of something that was originally done badly.


Truly massive and extended bludgeoning to HMRC, in particular the childcare sign up system. Try making a system that doesn’t crash out every time you try and go through it, you bunch of incompetents.


I’ve just applied for a job with them. I’ll be sure to pass on your comments if I make it to interview. Perhaps not verbatim though. :grinning:


Good, as long as you make it much, much stronger you would be getting more like reality. I have said similar on the feedback link from the crash out technical difficultues page…


Robbing fucking lying bastard cunts selling records as first pressings when they ain’t. I’ve been after a certain record for a few years now, I know it inside out and what to look for. Every one I have inquired about has been a much later pressing worth a tenth or less. Yet the cunts, and some of these are so called respected dealers, keep the fucking thing on at a high price knowing it to be false,


trading standards? surely that is fraud?