Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Yea I know, but I would end up getting booted out of Discogs if I reported a dozen sellers, of which half are dealers. that’s before I start on the E bay fraudsters. It just boils my piss, especially since I am happy to pay a substantial sum of money for the correct record.


What album are you after? maybe someone on here could help.


Not sure there are that many Chris de Burgh fans on here :thinking:


Not going there - my misses would have my nuts off if I went for Woman In Red.


97 1st press OK Computer, there is a shitload to check on it as there have been a multitude of later releases.


Yep, you are going to struggle. Wiki says it’s their 3rd album but in 97 that would be a very limited press. I’ve a mate who has a number of Radiohead albums but doubt if he would part with them.


yea I know, I have all the other versions. it’s my one completist album:)


I see there is another box set being release of that LP on The Sound Of Vinyl, only £99 pfffftt. :disappointed:


Cockpunch to yours truly for forgetting to register his proxy vote whilst back in the UK. Can’t vote now :frowning:


It’s people like you that caused brexit :rage:


Nope, I voted remain…


Blah Blah :smirk:


The wind,woke up to find a third of the astro turf had been blown up during the night,and folded back on itself ripping the pegs out.


I hope you’ve put footage on social media. That bloke in Alberta is now internationally famous and his lawn wasn’t even touched.



Hair today, gone tomorrow…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A robust one with a good back swing to all the tosser motorcyclists riding in the Vosges yesterday. A glorious summer’s day and these idiots, in their hundreds, shattered the peace, nearly killed me and/or themselves a couple of times and generally made life unpleasant.


Theresa May, no explanation required.


A large swing clump to the danglies to the cunt who didn’t realise that on narrow roads you are obliged to move over a little. Thanks you cunt for smashing my wing mirror to smithereens. To his credit he did stop but only because his company car’s mirror glass was also broken and he was new to his job.
Stupidly, he admitted to not realising that there wasn’t enough space to pass and that he didn’t even bother to slow down. Fucktard !
No time to get anything done now as I fly out to Italy tomorrow morning. This leaves a couple of days when we get back before going back to work to get it sorted.


Was he driving a BMW or an Audi?


I’ll take your place in Italy so you can get your car sorted.