Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Nah. A Mondeo :rolling_eyes:


Nice offer. Thanks, but no thanks :slight_smile:


I know I shouldn’t say this cos you’re family, but that’s a barefaced lie :slight_smile:


Troo but I was trying to be polite.:unamused:


A crushing blow to the gonads (from the crossbar) to the riders of brake-less, fixed-wheel bicycles. Get thee to the velodrome and get the fuck off the roads. You are a fucking liability in traffic. Twats.






Credit where credit’s due - I applaud your honesty. Few people are brave enough to stand up in public and confess that their driving skills are so poor that they can’t cope with other road users. It’s refreshing when someone does though. It’s a shame so few take the next step and hand their licences back in and settle for a bus pass.



He’s a Porsche driver, what do you expect? :smile:


Is he? He kept that quiet. :slight_smile:


Are you Ronnie Pickering?


Prey tell VB (you know nothing about me or how I drive), how you came to derive your conclusions?

I am referring to yet another stupid cyclist who decided that it was time for their life to end and to ruin mine, by deciding to turn right in front of me from my left hand side at a T-junction the moment I pulled out to turn left. I was signalling and fully aware of what was going on around me - in fact had I not been fully aware it would have been a bad day for both me and the cyclist.

It was my high level of driving skill, honed reactions and Porsche engineering (I drive one you know) that meant our (both mine and the twat cyclist) could proceed without injury or sadness.


Most certainly not, I have class you know…now how do you give -ve rep in this place…


Do you? I can’t recall you mentioning it… :wink:


you must have memory problem? maybe you need hand over your licence as well as me?




It was dead easy. If you’d meant ‘another stupid cyclist’ then you’d have said “another stupid cyclist”. But you said “the riders of bicycles”. Indeed you went out of your way to modify the original post to say that. The OP made a clear point about offenders who happen to use a bike to commit their offence. You extended the complaint to all the other cyclists who don’t. Offenders deserve what they get. All the other cyclists deserve to be treated as equally entitled to the road space.

Imagine you’d shouted “Get the fuck off the roads. You are a fucking liability in traffic. Twat” at every cyclist you’d passed during your driving test. Do you think the examiner would have judged you to be competent ?



[quote=“Valvebloke, post:2099, topic:85”]
Imagine you’d shouted “Get the fuck off the roads. You are a fucking liability in traffic. Twat” at everyone else on the road[/quote]

That’s straight out of the Porsche Driver Experience training manual :smile:


of course they would - what century did you learn to drive in?

anyway - this thread is for venting and not sensible analysis - the fucking cyclist this morning joined a long list of idiotic death-wish risk taking cyclists that I encounter on the roads.

Ironic that I spent years cycling and motorcycling on the roads before I got 4 wheels - and that what moved me from 2 to 4 wheels was a twat of a 4x4 driver who turned right into me at a junction and broke my leg in two places…

Nevermind…back to equating.


actually todays cock punch should go to me - I currently resemble a reptile shedding its skin.

It seems in addition to not be able to drive (a Porsche) I am no longer capable of applying factor 20 adequately - so sitting around in the sun in a field in Brighton, resulted in a burnt nose and forehead. Lucky for me I still have a full head of hair…