Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Glad your OK Edd, could’ve been worse and damaged the mighty Verso


Not sure that it will polish out. You may need a spot of filler too.

Glad you’re ok though!



+1 you lucky man. Hope there aren’t any lumps and bruises after a nights kip and if there are - play on them, after all it will be fathers day.


The BBC can have one, for not covering a major international sporting event with over 250,000 spectators…

Le Mans 24 hour race…:roll_eyes:


It’s on ITV4


Sorry I meant their website, I’m on my hols at the mo, at least I can see it on German Eurosport…:+1:


Cockpunch to me, yet again. Was just hoovering and failed to notice the wire from my Sennheiser PX360 'phones dangling on the floor.

Naturally I went over it and it got whizzed around the brush and pulled out of the earcup.

The inner wires are so thin I can barely see them, never mind consider soldering them. Bugger.

Anyone here fancy having a go at fixing them for me?


@J_B is the go to man for incredibly delicate component repairs


And there is your problem.


I deserve a clip round the nadsack for not closing the fridge door properly last night. The kitchen gets full sun in the morning so this morning the contents had melted. Runny butter and squeezy cheddar. Everything had to go.

Then I realised I was annoyed about this when some people have lost everything recently - and I’m annoyed because I have to go the supermarket for some more fucking cheese and stuffed olives? I’ll take a bollock spank for that too.


First world probs innit.


Yup, I have a brand new fettling hammer I’m dying to try out :sunglasses:


Silly billy :laughing:


Fancy a go at them J_B?


Really? You should have said :slight_smile:


Sooo bitter and twisted :grinning:


About time you went on holiday again, I miss those posts… “I’m currently taking a posh crap in the departure lounge bog”. “My first beer of the next two weeks” etc, etc. :roll_eyes:


Mardy twats who start complaining it’s too hot after a couple of days of clement weather. :fu:


It’s too hot.


It’s fucking lovely up North. Not humid, a nice 25C or so. I hope it lasts for bloody weeks.