Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


hope this cunt gets the kicking he deserves in prison

Ms Laws said the witness’s partner also heard “loud banging and a male voice screaming about the loss of shoes and a child’s fearful voice saying ‘sorry’”.


So awful. What would go through the poor child’s mind while this was happening? I just cannot think of anything to add that would make any sense at the moment. Not often I shed a tear.


I don’t get this shit. I mean, I’ve lost it big time with my kids, and ranted like a fucking lunatic more than a few times, but nothing on earth that they did would drive me to lay a finger on them, let alone let loose on them like this cunt did.

A fucking trainer. Words fail me.


And not just one kicking, but a sustained assault over a period of years. Plus repeated visits in the showers from the muscle boys. And then when he thinks it’s all finished and he’s been transferred to another prison, for someone to spot him and shout loudly…“aren’t you the cunt who battered that boy in the park?” And repeat…


Drivers down south, indicators optional, mobile phones mandatory.


Stop moaning and pop around for a coffee, if you’re down here :grinning:


U ok hun?


you are more than welcome to pop in and visit your old amp…



Cheers for the offers gents, wedding to go to though. Know where I’d rather be :grinning:


As you will all have been following, Ed Sheeran 2018 tour tickets came on sale at 10:00 this morning. It’s Jan’s 60th in August and she loves him (and his music) so I bit my lip and sat on-line ready to pounce to get 2 tickets as a surprise present for her.

After 6 minutes of “we’re busy, fuck off” all the decent £88.00 tickets had gone. After 18 minutes all the £56.00 seats had gone. After 27 minutes all the £87.00 standing tickets had gone (thank fuck).

So half an hour of my life wasted.

Never mind, let’s look on line. £87.00 tickets on sale for £200 each! £56.00 for £150.

Cunts, all of the thieving spivs can have a good kicking in the softest areas.

But at least I tried :grin: and got some brownie points when I told her.


We managed to get two ‘cheap’ ones, you just had to be persistent.


You have my every sympathy. Still, it is a year off…


I sat there pressing every combination of retry, choose tickets etc until everyone had gone. Persistent was me!


Did they not have a queue system? I bought tickets for the Harry Potter play, and there was an excellent ticket queue system


Were there 95,000 teenagers in the queue for it?

These things are essentially a DDoS attack and a bill for £150 as a reward at the end. Gud times.


No, after 1 minute it said they were busy and retry, after about 3 retries it went back to choose tickets which showed one block after the other was being sold out.

I was waiting and presses Buy as the site opened.


This, I’m afraid. And I’m also suspicious that the promoter ‘buys’ half his own tickets and then puts them on Viagogo so he can coin it while still being able to pretend that Ed is not gouging his fan base :frowning_face:. If you reaslly want to go then you have to forget the price.



Pathetically weak ‘moderator’ from another, once popular, hifi forum cutting and pasting replies from here to make a ridiculous point.

‘Woofer’ you can get to fuck and have a special yer maw to highlight your frightfulness.


They’ve got to get the post count up somehow !

Oh wait, they’ve got the one word and solve my hum threads for that :smiley: