Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


He’ll get away with a fine and a “victim compensation” payment.


similar to us, although my school was predominately white middle class, the street I was brought up in (Dalston, Hackney) was one white family (us) and about 60 afro Caribbean families. All my friends were from these households, and because school was so far away, I had few real friends from school. The N word was widely used amongst the other families but not by any of us.


It’s 2017 and shop staff are still balancing coins on top of notes when giving out change.


Have they heard of contactless payment?


Decided to put this in the cockpunch thread as the silly old bugger should really know better at his age.

Just did a small job for my old journeyman, a Mr Iain McLeod just turned 72 years of age. His party trick was to secretly attach clothes pegs to electricians the more pegs the better. Then casually walk past them singing a song that involved Peg or Maggie.

Why the cockpunch to this remarkable old craftsman?


I’ve been pegged and in public.

The moment of attachment.


I heard you were in to pegging :’(:wink:


The customary forearm smash to the genitals of the particular circle of hell comprising HMRC, Felixstowe Docks, my freight forwarders, the hauliers supposed to be collecting for me and any other cnuts involved who couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery even if they were locked inside it.

God only knows how this is going to be once we have to include imports from the EU (and their paperwork) into the equation again. They can’t cope as it is.


The colour co-ordination - trainers, tee and peg - is the mark of a real pro.



Should be singing, “I’m Jake the peg, diddle diddle dum…”


Why are pics all uploading sideways


The site has never been the same since the landing page was fiddled with. It is the price we need to pay obvs for our new corporate direction. :slight_smile:


Soon our site owner will have a strop and shut it down for two days. :sunglasses:


You deserve to be hung out to dry :roll_eyes:


You have to get someone at your bake off :slight_smile:

Rabsbert, if he appears again, would be my choice.


It seems that he has done here more or less exactly what he did over there… IE, wade in attention seeking, not really get the response he wanted and then fuck off.


CP to me for breaking with a 17 year old tradition and buying a car with more than two seats - now I have 4 seats, I have to act as a taxi service, instead of chilling out at a BBQ.


This fucker

Should have got 12 months, not weeks


While I’m at it, the Polish Government can have one too



Do I know you?


Windows has just rebooted to perform updates, right as I was in the middle of something. No warning. Cockpunch to Microsoft, as ever.