Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


He’s probably totally oblivious to the fact you saved his bacon Bob :+1:


I was about to send @coco a link to the Oktoberfest in Hemel, but then I saw it was £22 entry, if you actually wanted a seat, and you have to queue up rather than have buxom waitresses bring foaming Bier to you.

So it’s £22 each to drink on a bench seat in a tent and more for a taxi home. It’d probably be cheaper to fly to Germany.


Depends where you think the pound and the euro will be by October. And also on whether the Germans will still be minded to let us in.



Can’t you ask Pete to stay on the lemonade so he can drive you home ? :grinning:


Honestly, in this day and age


There’s a similar event being promoted in Oxford in the not too distant future (probably the same group on a grand money making tour of the South). For the same reasons i will not be going. Which is a shame really.


Crap isn’t it. Right in the middle of the movement.


While im here, photobucket can have one. It seems all my pics and project images on another forum have been taken off line unless i pay them money. No issue with contributing towards hosting costs but forcing people to pay retrospectively is out of order and little more than blackmail.


My two step solution:
Switch to radio 3
Turn off the TV when the 20 second time sync issues annoys you. This takes less than 20s…


Isn’t this due to Photobucket’s policy change rather than the forum’s? I’ve had the same here with some of my images.


Yes, them means photobucket.
(poorly worded)


Me for cutting up a Naga with my bare hands (to get the seeds & plant them) & despite washing them afterwards, getting some up my nose, some in my left eye & now I’ve carelessly had a piss. Ouch, the burn.


Just as well you didn’t have @loo’s suppositories to insert :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The US military should forget all this waterboarding torture & their other Psy Ops techniques. A Naga infused suppository up the prisoner’s rectum would get them all the info they needed.


Would they be able to separate factual info from screams?


Naga is so last year, Carolina Reaper is da bomb now :crazy_face:


Does it have a distinctive flavour besides being f’in hot? Haven’t tried one yet.


Daren’t taste it!


Didn’t your chilli taste of it? When you put a Naga in something it’s usually pretty distinctive.


we used a quarter of one in a batch (for 2 people) of chilli a while back. I tasted a speck on the end of cocktail stick, and on its own it tastes fruity and v. v. hot. Cooked in a chilli you don’t really get the fruitiness, but of course you get heat.