Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch




but but, muh 200meg!!


And a 5 emoji per day ration is coming in.


our VM bill is about £105/month - but that is full-fat TV inc Sky, 200meg, phone and two TiVo telly boxes

Last time I called them, they were wanting to put the price up from £135 to £145


I got my broadband/phone/tv bill down from >£60pm to £40pm including an upgrade from 20MB/s to 76MB/s by threatening to leave Sky.


I’ll give it a try :+1:


My Virgin is just over £70. That’s fast broadband (about 200 now I think), phone and a fairly basic TV package with no sports or movies. Oh and a couple of TiVo boxes.


Similar here but no calls.

I only watch a bit of cricket, madness.


Just phone up and say you want to leave - they will offer you a half price for everything deal in a heartbeat.


Me, for smashing my iPad. :frowning:

On the bright side, the opportunity to upgrade presents itself. :grinning:


In a fit of pique?


I have no idea how I did it, unfortnately.


There is no shame in admitting you sat on it.:stuck_out_tongue:


I seem to remember you have previous for destroying 'puter based hardware :wink:


Cockpunch to Bosch washing machines. Four years old, and it looks like the bearings failed catastrophically this afternoon, locking the drum and the motor subsequently burnt out and filled the house with smoke.

I have lowered the profile of the neighbourhood by dumping it in the front garden until the replacement is delivered and they take it away. Might give it a good kicking tomorrow to make myself feel better.


Haha, that was something different. :fist_left:


My primary criterion with large white goods is a minimum five year warranty


Writers of good series that get you hooked into seasons 1,2 and 3 and then deliver a totally gash ending.



Ha, where I live people dump whole kitchens on the pavement. Hope you bought a Miele this time :grinning:


The replacement has five year cover…