Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Actually, I take it back watched it all the way through and it was ok ish.


LOL, my Indesit is going strong after 10 years, and cost a fraction of a Bosch.


I see your Indesit and I raise you our Electrolux fridge-freezer. Bought in 1986. Second-hand.







Has it ever broken down though?

Could well be the electric version of triggers broom :wink:


Wow, the new font the BBC have decided to use. Honestly, would love to be a fly on the wall in their management meetings. (Before they fuck off home at lunch time.)


Yes. A few years ago I had to replace the temperature sensor in the fridge section. That’s been the only fault in the last 31 years, apart from the odd filament lamp blowing. The previous owner used some silicone rubber to repair a crack in the drain moulding for the auto de-ice system. I don’t know whether that broke of its own accord though or whether he damaged it.

I suspect that the main reasons it is still working are that the people who designed it spent perhaps twice as much as the absolute bare minimum on the parts, the people who built it weren’t being worked as hard as possible and the people who sold it weren’t surviving by selling the buyer a replacement every few years. These days we’re proud of our increased efficiency/productivity/cost-competitiveness when we should be ashamed that the stuff we make and buy is shoddy tat.

Just my two penn’orth (says the bloke who fixes vintage stuff).



Vinyl floor tiles can have one right in their self adhesive fucking backing. Hot air gun lifts them a treat but the adhesive just smears all over the substrate. Have had to resort to WD40 to lift most of it and talcum powder to stop the sticky stuff left fixing my shoes to the floor. What an arsehole of a job, only another 63 to go, I feel nauseous when I look at the remaining fuckers.


Is she a Ukrainian hooker?


Yes, and she makes me feel sick - nauseous even (spelling corrected in o/p ) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Did you know that Siemens Building services division was based in Staines?

Used to be the running joke in our industry. The receptionists would say “Good morning, Siemens Staines”*

*unless it was the afternoon.


and another thing, why do the fuckers insist on placing the floor further away as you get older.


My big brother has built a debating circle, basically a small round patio with a fire.

Tonight is debate night, and I have to say, the rules of debate are being abused in a fashion that would make the Nene Valley prick proud… Ad Hom being twisted to fit “Mr/ms speakers” agenda in a way Dunce would be in awe of…:rage:


ad hom rules are for pussies, withering scorn and derision is the answer (throw in a few ‘cunts’ as well)

ps - have a cockpunch for taking part in a debate


We’ve fucked off in to the house now and watching The Martian, and drinking Schnapps. Much better.


Good thing you don’t get bolshy and gobby when pissed then :wink:


I didn’t get a look in, my brother and my S-I-L are far more experienced in these matters. They’re both ex Met Police detectives, my brother got to Superintendent, and their professional opinions on the McCann case were interesting…

It would be an interesting experience to get Dunn and Sowerby and some guys from here and PFM around it though…


where is the Ouija board


Solid non superstition, or imaginary sky friends in this family, Si, the girls go to a Catholic school, but only because it’s the best school in the area.