Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


He didn’t make millions of pounds. He used money he has inherited to put it into the stock market, aka wealthy people’s betting shop, and got a return for no work done.


He’s a nasty bastard. But he’s a nasty thick bastard coz he sent messages saying what he would do.


All MPs should be ashamed that food banks are even needed,what a wanker.


Rees-Mogg is a proper cunt, the bile that spews from him is repulsive. Shame on the BBC for ever giving this twat the opportunity to have his sickening views aired. He should be given the eighties Adams and McGuiness treatment.


I’m truly out of words for this cunt


Is that a real tweet?


I found it on Huff Post so I would guess it is.



Jesus. I stupidly checked her twitter feed to see if it was for real. Obviously I knew she was a cunt, but I had no idea how much bile she actually spouted, gallons of it all day long. Fucking waste of oxygen.


As all reasonable people I’m in favour of free speech, but FFS can’t we make an exception in her case?


Have you tried “twatmongler”?

Take it out for a spin. See how you get on with it.


She is a fucking horror show. The only way I could spend any time in her company would be to install one of these on arrival.


Hmmm not bad thanks. Have you got something a little darker?


‘Breathable’… Well that’s a mistake.


Cockpunch to your 15yo daughter saying “You should see Daniel Craig in a wet shirt, phwoarr…” :scream:




Special offer, two for one




Mr Johnson had previously called the businessman “clearly out of his mind”, accused him of “quite stupefying ignorance” that makes him “unfit for office” and said he would not visit New York because of the “real risk of meeting Donald Trump”


Tiny hands meets tiny mind. Neither possessing even a fleeting grasp on the truth.