Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Sorted that one


Or anything close to reality


Following on the heels of ‘Brexit means Brexit’ we are told ‘Boris is Boris’ by Mrs May that pile of disappointment wearing a hat we are saddled with as a PM.

C-punt required, but you’ll need to be wearing your galoshes…


When I see her, I always have an image of her on her knees giving a BJ to hubby, makes the world a happier place.


As I said in the Brexit thread it really is time for some grown ups to take over.


Whatever gets you through the day Bob…


…sick fucker…:grimacing:


Boris Johnson?


Sort of thing you would say about an 8 year old kid,not someone you’ve employed for one of the highest jobs in the land.


True. But we all remember John Prescott ‘just being John’ :smirk:.







In fairness, it was a decent left to start with


'ell of a left, the twat who egged him deserved it, for the mullet alone!


The British army to provide training to the Burmese army. My heart sinks, wtf is May up to?

This is an army that has just ethnically cleansed a whole region of Burma, FFS.


We seem to be able to pick the wrong side in most international disputes at the moment. Support for the Saudis in Yemen being but another example.


Maybe she thinks that if we get to train them then we can educate them into not doing it in the future ? Whether anyone can help much though isn’t clear.

There seems to be a separatist struggle which has been going on intermittently since the end of WWII If war is awful, civil war is worse. Some people on both sides want the Rohynga population not to live in a state run by (and therefore, as usual, for) the Buddhists. At least some of the Rohynga want to stay put, to secede and to have their current territory governed by Bangladesh. The army wants them to end up in Bangladesh and is using terror to force them to flee for their lives over the border. The consequences of the latter policy, especially in the short term, are genuinely hideous.



I get all that but I somehow suspect that the Burmese army operate outside of direct political control. Those generals ran the country for decades and no doubt pay only lip service to the democratic government.

I see little prospect of British army training changing that, they will however be a better trained rogue army that’s for sure.


Yet another example of the quality trade deals this government is striking.