Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


You could always send him the link to the top drawer post…


Listened with excitement 50 years ago. ‘Flowers in the Rain’ sounds tired now, so switched off.

Arnold is more welcome.


Why don’t you tell her what you were like at her age? That you would say or do anything to get a sniff of minge, and then brag about it to all your mates; that you had no interest in the girls apart from from what you could get etc etc. And there’s about a 75% chance that any guy she meets will be like that.


I did tell her that a while back, more or less. I didn’t tell her about offering my fingers to be sniffed by my mates as proof…


Mods, shouldn’t this post be moved to the Something Positive thread?


Fuck no !


Your fingers would definitely end up dusty grey then


What a good story:

"Multi-millionaire Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg has admitted his investment firm profits from abortion pills – even though he wants to deny rape victims the right to terminations.

"His company has nearly £5million-worth of shares in the Indonesian firm Kalbe Farma, which produces the pills to prevent ulcers.

“They also trigger terminations, can be bought in pharmacies and are used widely in Indonesia – where there are an estimated two million illegal abortions each year.”


Rather apt photo of him too.


So in that respect paracetemol are suicide pills? Top reporting by Momentum, I mean the Mirror.



This stupid cunt. Again.


Indeed, and this one:

I wish he would just Feck Off. He makes it very difficult to listen to The Smiths. Ignoring the majority of his solo career is much easier…


Why do they always attempt to regulate the impossible and ignore what needs doing and is fairly easy like the finance ‘industry’.


Because stupid cunt. As noted.




He only said he thought the elections were rigged to stop a far right candidate winning, he never said he supported her, quite the opposite view could easily be read into his comments. Or have i missed something?


He was mouthing off about Farage and voting for UKIP a while back. He has a previous history of crossing the line a bit with this kind of thing.


Meanwhile, he’s still a cunt


Ah, rodger dodger. Mind you if he is a good ole fashioned Trot type he would support UKIP and Brexit. Alternatively he could just be a twat.