Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch






HDD full of malware and donkey porn no doubt. Simply cannot crash windows any other way.


The woman that openly admits she doesn’t understand technology,but wants to ban parts of it anyway.



Another one who doesn’t need experts. She’s an imbecile.


She is, thankfully no one but the BBC and Torygraph are listening…


Hopefully this joke of a government will implode soon.


Amber Rudd has hired Lynton Crosby’s election consultancy in an attempt to hold on to her seat next time. :grinning:

Great choice Amber. They did a stunning job for the Tories at this year’s election.


Mine is, and it doesn’t :wink:


As has been said before, average age of 71, just need a cold snap. :sneezing_face::nauseated_face::innocent::skull:


From my perspective they did do a great job.


Could say the same thing for christianity


Bear Grylls cab have one. Basically for existing. And being named for a kitchen appliance. Autocorrect wanted ‘bread grills’ - I wish the cunt would grill his head…


:+1: he’s on the “Alpha Course” poster on a church near us. Cunt.




Classic :rofl:


From now on, you’re to be known as “bell end toaster”.




I hope that wasn’t a bottom burp. Jim has to approve those in advance now.

EDIT: I suppose you could apply to be ‘bottom burp monitor’ though, which probably comes with privileges.