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When art looks easy pt.3


When art looks easy(ish) pt.4




His quiet voice is better than I remember, but still unsure that being that scrunched over a guitar allows the best sound out.
This is effortless if you’re good enough. (song starts c. 2 mins)

"What’s happened down here is that the wind has changed"
May the U.S.A look after New Orleans, God’s been dead nearly a century and a half.


Don’t know much of his stuff,but he delivers this superbly;


Mr. MWS foreplay favorites pt. 1


Mr. MWS foreplay favorites Pt.2


Mr. MWS Foreplay favorites Pt. 3 (The musk rises)


WTF are you posting these pub standard crap :fearful:


Do you even party?


Odd parties for the win. :slight_smile:


Joey Marlowe could single handedly make America great again


Mr. MWS Foreplay favorites Pt. 4 (Hair gets kinky)


I’m not keen on the sound of piezo pickups, the ‘quack’, but that is nice playing. Would have been better miked (maybe not practicable at the time).


At the Museum of Music Making, so perhaps not his usual sound rig.
Mic carries much more instrument body.
Then he throws small frills that’d take a century of practice. :rage:


For those interested in the minutiae.
@BobC from another ginnel.

Wish I’d been smart enough to get apprenticed here, just up the road from Hexham.
The glue and wood shape mention (3 minutes in) remind me of @IanW discussion on F1 tyre grip.
Just don’t ask guitarists about glue type - subject of much foo. :slight_smile:


N.K. Forster guitar. (curved top too, probably, though not easy to see here.)


It’s all about the minutiae of technique. Intimacy of acoustic or a wall of fuzz. It wouldn’t be any fun if it were easy. :wink: