YouTube music ramblings




To soothe the Article 50 blues…



Knew best (pop/jazz) sound recording quality at the moment of listening.

Becker played guitar fine…

And smart enough to put other guitars in band.



Written for the healing of his daughter. Delightful to hear daylight return at end.


OK. Piano not a liked instrument by me. This one sounds plinky-plonk in the upper register. Not the players fault.

Just watching page turners face tells me more about the tune than the tuning can.
Failed to musical literacy for self. Can still read persons face, who knows what is soon to happen.

Cello has a soul!

We are all living instruments




Hooray for learning of players heroes.
Should have heard sooner.



If the internet has really come of age, now denying permission to just share/encourage others to give eclectic a chance.


Just to employ lawyers?
Who suck much with minuscule benefit.


Chumpy ? Is that you ?


I’m chumped, but refer to post#367 for closer to ID.

Cider inside minimalism would probably ruin?

Perfect tune architecture rarely found outside Mozart/ Bach,

S’pose would have lived in New Town, not Southside. Given acoustic and health choices.

How deeply people are divided by a short distance.


That’s a solid 8/10 on the Chumpometer.


If only my exam scores ever came in as good.!

Could blether on for far too long for readers on this site.
Guitar body size, drop tunings, string brand choice, scale length anyone etc, etc.?
Consonance best available when they become choral?

Better to enjoy the tune
And a tune design that is so classic and minimal in outline.


Post is empty. Stupid softwearers.


Cool new techno