YouTube music ramblings


Not in the same class I’d usually be talking about as having a good horn section.
More horny, perhaps?



A glorious chorus…


Truly fabulous bit of 1974 jazz served up by Spotify discover…


Have probably posted before, elsewhere I hope.

Simple (?) illustration of sonic spaces.


Great album that :+1:

There is some truly amazing albums from this era - this is one of my all-time favourites


5am on Saturday morning of the SW Weekender this will be happening


5am you say?

How fast can you run?


Quite incredible.


I’m popping down to lopwell tomorrow if I get time,they have a new coffee shop that opened this week


The Lord of the dance never runs.
I do appreciate you have a long journey so I will keep Sunday mornings chorus as a surprise!


I can’t wait :smile:


Will Stronzetto be joining us, or just lurking in the woods waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of an unsuspecting (probably unconscious) slaughterman?


However Masterful the voice, can be out chaunted.

btw Elisabeth Welch was called at last minute. Sang it ‘cold’ from the sheet.


Unfortunately being anally impaled and frost bitten on the tundra afforded Stronzetto with residual mental blinkers regarding the great outdoors. His criteria for survival now orbits the following requirements. 1) He must stray no further than x3 miles from a shop offering a stout selection of glue. 2) No roaming creatures (this includes AA members, the hairy hand of Dartmoor, anything with four legs and or antlers) 3) No snow. 4) He must remain out of shooting range from Game wardens, park keepers or veterinarians.

I have attempted exposure therapy to sooth Stronzetto’s ‘blocks’ however he breaks out in hives, screams and masturbates furiously… I’ll be sure to bring him




Tough stuff.


Great bit of 70s Brazil, classic album


Blessed by incomers to hear both enchanting and enchaunting , IME