YouTube music ramblings


Not a fan of Jools…

Sometimes something important comes along.


Written for his Sister



Proper gorgeous

She also played Honest Life on the hour long show with Jools on piano - available on iPlayer but can’t find it on You Tube yet.


If love for soil.

Space for humans to move around appreciated.

My hearing and intonation not good enough.

But guess that they to end tune on :La" not by accidendt.


Stronzetto’s theme tunes

Campaign pledge:


Not a folkie, still understood.


Not religious as previously said.

Having humans to talk to is helpful.

Agility of bandmates to hang out at this level much appreciated.


French. 1976. As strange as the cover suggests.


Thank you.

Strangeness accepted.

The best way to grow up sometimes.

May hear harmonic dilemma towards end.


From the new Colour Haze album.


Sometimes need to greet again.

Agility to put visual and music together is a changed age,

Maybe hoo(t)?




From the last Stonehenge festival, happy days, can just about remember that performance


Sadly thanks to the Wicked one and her minions the following year was



What a performance…


Revisiting Pip. I’ve been allergic to the man and his music for several decades. Today whilst pondering his output I ferreted about in search of palatable Pip. This is the upshot…

I could happily listen to a whole album of Pip if it had this sound:

Psychedelic Pip falls short of the mark. Then again the mark is high. An adequate cover

Recommendations for more Top of the Pips welcome.


And relax…