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Curious Sound pt 1.Extraordinary Instruments.

The musical masseuse:

The Fiddler

Tap & tickle


Some fine camera work for that last clip :grinning:
Was it filmed by a wasp?



Fucking hell, Bob.

You’ve finally posted a set that I can listen to!!!



Just to prove it couldn’t last?


Is this just an accent change, like the loss of Cockney to Estuary?

A good cover with some excellent playing and singing.

But then check the rhythmic grunt of the original.



I think it’s an attempt to distract you from how shit it is, just some idiot twatting some strings and a bell with no rhythm whatsoever.


I quite like the sound he makes


@Rob998 Sexy women,Greg Dyke conducting,Bruce forsyths syrup pulled through a drum,pan pipes played by tom hanks and blokes with 12 foot pea shooters…perfect


If you judge a band by their hats, you’re in for a treat


Hope the desserts match the main courses in Munich. Plentiful puddings to be found here.


New Hidden Orchestra in June.
Twin percussionists part of the key to orchestral sound from the band.


Sweet (though I should add a ‘contains flute’ warning).




Loving this cover:



The tuba, the whole tuba and nothing but the tuba…