YouTube music ramblings


1977 from (Malaysia via) Australia. Somewhere between ‘Riders on the Storm’ and Can and jazz fusion. Add awesome sound quality and you just know you’re in for a treat…



The great Mik Artistic


Saw him last year at a festival in Cornwall. Great fun live.


See this guy here, he’s quite shot away, he’s called Ninja. His groups music is not to my taste but he seems to be doing well from it. He’s a funny fucker though and he’s happy to take the piss out of most celebrities. He’s having a dig at Kanye in this one which I quite like

Die Antwoord was massive in Cape town when I was going out there regularly.
Here’s a sip of their juice



Always loved this.

And this

And Krokus’s best

How to be AC/DC without actually calling yourself AC/DC or covering their songs.


And of course your pop / rave / ragga crossover…

I used to love dancin’ like this, ha, ha

One of the most addictive bass lines ever







Good on you!


Today’s tune.

Sax, and edit to black, strike me as brilliant.


Sampled Sean Connery and Tony Wilson. Shows just how good the other two in New Order really were.


I thought it might be a version of the Black Sabbath song, but no :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Love this vid

It’s in Bristol, makes it double good.



Me too. Dance!


Don’t know who writes it, but I like it. Even if you ‘say it through the video.’