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Mine too. The tapes surfaced in the mid 80s. I’ve had a crusty cassette for years when we used to trade tapes of boots using the classifieds. Then the internet changed all that and made it much easier. I have about 600 Dylan boots on CD. I’ve stopped collecting concert boots, preferring out takes and rehearsal stuff now.

Agree about Idiot Wind. It manages to be simultaneously one of the bitterest, saddest, loneliest and heart breaking songs ever. It makes perfect sense once you realise he’s singing both parts in the song. The version of it on the New York Sessions speaks of complete rejection. It’s truly heart rending.


Just finished listening to it all. Superb! Thanks for posting.


In the mood for this now. Easily my favourite live concert ever.

Fantastic support from the Staples.


The Last Waltz is just superb all round. My favourite part is Van Morrison trying to do high kicks :rofl:

The version of Caravan is the best version bar none,


From the same concert

A more talented group of musicians would be hard to find, let alone in the same group.



The Weight must be one of the most covered songs ever.




Even such a miserable git as Neil Young appeared to enjoy himself

and then we come full circle


Two of my favourite artists together. I saw them both in London in the late 90s. Van was on first but came on with Dylan for two tracks.

Strange fact. They both use the same accountants firm.


If there’s a better love song I haven’t heard it. Pete Seeger does a superb version.


More Staples


Haven’t seen that. It’ll be next.

Found Pete Seeger


Great version of Respect Yourself :thumbsup:


Gladys now


And a message to all those old gits that still think they can sing (Elton, Macca, you know who I mean) try this at 71 years old




Ambulance was on BBC and this song came on at the end.
I recognised the voice immediately (John Bramwell from I Am Kloot) but had never heard the song before

Seems he recorded it on demo tapes and it had a very small vinyl release many years ago.
Well done whoever in the BBC knew about it.