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Talking to others about choral singing, this was offered too.


And the most beautiful song of the day…


Brian Johnson fuck off, this is how to sing AC/DC songs you Geordie twat.

Complete classic from Van Halen.


Fuck ! I agree with Bob again :flushed:


And Van Halen Van Halen is genuinely that rarest of commodities: all killer no filler.


Bon Scott died just around the corner from where I live.

Not a lot of people know that.


I was gutted for a week.


I was 13, I didn’t really understand at the time.

Phil Lynott’s death hit me surprisingly hard a few years later.


I was 17.


I was 20.


I was 22


He were a proper character. Far more charisma than the Geordie twat hiding underneath his flat cap…


When I was 13, my stepsister’s husband gave me a vinyl copy of “If you want blood…”, a cassette of Deep Purple In Rock and also pointed me towards Black Sabbath.

I am still grateful to him for sharing!


When AC/DC were looking for Bon’s replacement, due to management intervention and a wish by Bon that the flat capped turd be considered, they overlooked the former lead singer of The Easybeats’ Stevie Wright, who would have been a more worthy replacement…




Never understood all the hatred directed toward the fella…
He does what he does pretty well, and he’s doing a far better job than Bon could do at this moment!
It’s like the Metallica and Cliff Burton thing…


Metallica have been shit for years, since One.


For me it comes down to charisma.
I’m not, and never have been, a huge AC/DC fan. I grew up with their music but I was interested in more “creative” music. I have, however, dipped in and out over the years.

Bon Scott had a stage presence which was ol’ skool Rawk front man. He didn’t hide behind a cap, he had a great vocal range and had the crowd eating out of his well stocked jeans.

I find Johnson’s vocal style annoying. It’s a monotone screech. Watching him live (Memorial Drive, Adelaide), he was trying too hard to be Bon without having a clue what Bon was.

Yes, they have been way more successful since he joined, but I simply doesn’t like his style.

Still, what do I know ? I know nothing about music.


Fair enough! But I feel there are so many more deserving targets for vitriol!
And Metallica have always been a bit shit imho, they’re just less shit in the bass department than they used to be - though yer Cliff fanbois haven’t spotted this yet!