12" modded Rega R200 tonearm

Rega R200 tonearm, modified to 12" using SME3012 arm tube geometry (I bought several tubes from a bloke on Vinyl engine who used to make them).
This is an Acos arm made for Rega back in the day (main reason the Rega Planars sounded pretty good🙂).

Rewired with silver Litz to a Cardas tonearm din fitting set in nylon.

Heavy counterweight in stainless steel, suitable for balancing SPU etc. I used a SPU Silver Meister and Royal N work heavy headshell.

Adjustable VTA via a grub screwed armbase that once at the right height is secured in place by tightening the armboard nut. If your armboard is very thin I could make a suitable spacer to fit.

The anti-skate adjuster belt was toast many moons ago (usual work R200s), Anti-skate / bias not necessary on 12".

I don’t spin much vinyl anymore and it’s been sat there looking at me. Time for someone else to enjoy it.
Last used 2012 or so.

Some pics.

£350obo + postage to you

Open to offers.