15" unpowered Celestions as bass absorbers?

Unless one of the several clever clogs on here can predict more closely the results, anyone care to kick around the idea of the impact of a pair of 15" Celestion Dittons in cabs would have on the bass, if positioned in the rear corners behind the standmount Ref3A’s.

Been offered a free pair this afternoon and, just possibly, one might make an amusing extension speaker for a Yamaha THR 5 watt acoustic practise amp. If two make good bass absorbers behind system speakers as well, then :tada:

Sometimes what goes round comes round. First term at Uni I left my beloved, unburstable Vox AC30 with a “mate”, for payment at Xmas.

Who knows what gross act of stupidity he committed to blow it up? And I was blamed for selling faulty goods so not a penny. Nothing new about ebay. If I’d had the sense I was born with I’d have demanded the probably working fine bits back. But I was young and stupid then, not so different now.