2 seater convertible - help

The remit was ‘fun’ not golf in drag. :grinning:


Have a look, prices have been on the rise from what I’ve seen. You might get one with sky high mileage and dubious history for under £10k, but it’ll probably be a money pit. Really really nice low mileage ones with good history are getting closer to £20k.

Looks reasonable

True, that one looks ok. SMG though. :grimacing:

It’s also not a 2 seater. While I like them (a friend has one) they are fundamentally a big heavy saloon car.

get the best of the best - I’ve owned two of them - Boxster


Owned one many years ago, this colour and year.

Mega reliable, great fun and (surprisingly) quick.

Won’t lose any money on depreciation either.


they are shit

True. The e46 m3 is a great car though and the last proper convertible BMW did. My advice is buy one now👍 Like you say prices are on the up.

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That’s not true, but they are definitely not going to compete with the likes of a boxster.

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For sure, I think they will be expensive in future. But it has to be a manual. The SMG is not a patch on the DCT box in the E92.

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SMG, no thanks.

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Maybe -


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Slow, fat and hideous? :grimacing:

Less of the insults.

I was talking about the car.

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He said fun, stop posting Mercs.

That’s not fair either.

You’d be surprised.

Owned both S2000 and Z4, great cars, Z4 6 cylinder has comfort and smoother ride when you’re not in nutter mode, bargain at today’s prices.