2016/17 kit changes

What changes did you make in 2016. Any plans for 2017?


Luxman D08u cd player
Avantgarde Uno Fino speakers

Denon Dcd 2010 cd

This year won’t be much change here as need to finish house improvements. Will need to sell some speakers.

In… Neat Ultimatum MF9

Out Monitor Audio PL300

This year I am looking for a streamer, and possibly a preamp, as i regret selling my Ayre K5xeMP

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Have just ordered a 2017 version of the Whest PS.30 RDT Special Edition and should be arriving in around two weeks.

May buy a Level 5 Lampizator to replace the AN DAC later this month as well.


Living Voice obxr speakers and Audio Note TT1 are going (if I can sell them)

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The single ended phono stage made by Pete is going to Ritchie and in will come the new, fully balanced phono, also designed & built by Pete, hopefully before 2018 :grin:



Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace
Wave Mechanic
Audio Note Arm 2 V2
BMC MCCI phonom stage
Kudos Super 20 speakers
Dynavector xx2 mk2
Pass Labs Aleph 60 clones
Bi Buffer Pre amp
Buffalo Dac

Lemma Tucana
Benedicte Audio Hothead phono stage
Thorens TD125
Audiomods V
Krell KAV300 CDP
Origin Live Illustrious MK2

Think thats about it.

No real plans to change much this year.

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Out: Pro-ject stream box DS-Net. To be replaced by a Intel NUC that’ll be usedone for other stuff as well.

Might consider upgrades to the AN 2.1 DAC later in the year

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Gato DIA250 Integrated Amp
Linn LP12/Aro/Keel/Radikal/Urika/DVXXII MK2
Icon Audio Preamp

Audio Research LS26 pre-amp
Rank Conquest Monoblocks
Clearaudio Ambient T/T with Unify tonearm and Lyra Helikon MC cartridge
Allnic HS1201


ART Allnico 8 Loudspeakers
Simaudio Moon MiND 180 renderer and DAC10
Stax Headphone setup
Nakamichi Cassette Deck 2

I’m pretty happy with the system as is. We are going to renovate the house in the middle of the year so little will change until that is out of the way. After that, if I am still more or less housebound I will invest some funds in a new system, meaning new amps, T/T, DAC and streamer. The only keepers are speakers and headphone setup. Clearly, I also need more records.

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Sadly out;

Garrard 301/dynavector 505
Puresound 2A3


Hana EL
Marantz combo

Out - nothing

In - err, nothing, except a potential new dedicated listening room.

No hi-fi set up at the moment and I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. I reckon it will be three months before I get the new room ready for action. No plans to add anything else, unless something breaks!

I’ll start a blog soon to update any progress on the diy conversion attempt.


What needs doing to the room Paul?

Haha, it was a byre and needs a new floor, fully insulating, walls lining, new ceiling, electrics, new doors, etc, etc.


Doubt you can just pop down to B&Q either.

Sadly, no. However there are builders merchants in Lerwick.

Tell you what, I’ll start the blog tonight.


Main system

Out - nothing
In - nothing

Probably the first time I have ever been able to say that :grin:


And it’s almost time for my annual ‘I’ll never change again’ New Year Clearout :wink:

However 2016 has been quiet on the kit front…

In -
Acoustic Solid Wood MPX
Audio Note 3 arm
Lyra Titan i
Aurender N100H
Aurorasound Vida
Lots of records

Out -
Gyrodec & SME V
Ortofon Cadenza Black

Potential changes for 2017 -

Severely pimped and boxed DDDAC

Graaf 13.5B
Uptone USB Regen & LPSU

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Yeah sure Nick, who are you trying to kid? :laughing:

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Same year as mine Jim! :clown_face:

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In: Coco Supremo Phono, Blumenhofer RS2 speakers (waiting delivery) and possible MC Cartidge change.

Out: Ascendo C8-C Speakers, Shindo Vose-Romanee and Gicours Preamplifiers and Rogers Pa-1a mc/mm Phono Stage. Also many cables and tubes.


In: Two Chromecasts , two Amptastic amps, 4x TOA 15" drivers, an Inuke 1000DSP and a BL Audio preamp
Out: A Lenco deck, Trans fi arm, Audionote Amp plus a load of speaker drivers incl some by PHY RAAL and Hawthorne .

Next year - More playing with OB Speakers

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What about the 2nd system.:stuck_out_tongue: