2017 Formula 1 - The next generation


Probably just needs an ego massage :roll_eyes:



He’ll be interesting to watch.


He’s been superb in every other category so…


He helped develop the Mercedes simulator, along with Anthony Davidson. He was a good guy to work with and had the potential to be an F1 driver. So it will be interesting to see how he does.


Indeed. Adapting to F1 without a load of mileage is the key. But he’s a level headed kid, so I’m hopeful.


Yes. Truly astonishing level of skill to step up to. Even simulation must be only a taster.


A few websites have commented on bits of the following.

Stating that Brendon was on the RB young driver training program.

He was rejected many years ago and that gave him the freedom to work with Merc on developing the simulator and then to join Porsche.

So it is full circle for Brendon.


New engines. Same driver…


That build up…OMG !!!



Are you rumbling?


I was waiting for Trump to arrive and announce how he’d organised the BIGGLY, FASTLY race EVER to make America Great Again.


Didn’t see any of the build up, turned the TV on at the start of the formation lap.

But what a great race!
I really enjoyed that.


Me too.
Driver of the day has to be Verstappen…


Oh bollocks, just seen the news about him.


Kimi to Max…



Well, yes…


Unfortunate for Verstappen as it was a great drive and an audacious pass but he did gain by cutting the corner. Pretty routine win for Hamilton. Even when Vettel got close with the undercut on the stops, you still didn’t feel he was too worried.

I’d like to see Liberty Media concentrate on making the on-track action better rather than tarting up the peripheral stuff.


As did several other drivers thoughout the race. I’m no Verstappen fanboi but that was wank.

Yet again, F1 shoots itself in the foot in the market they are so desperate to break into.