2017 Formula 1 - The next generation


Haas has by far the fewest number of people in their team. Instead they spend their money on Ferrari parts.

And yes a tie in with Alfa that could be very good for Sauber.


Hope it all works out for you guys, Ian

FWIW I dunno why Marchionne doesn’t just buy the team ?

For all his fannoying flatulent carping, it’s obvious that Liberty’s model - while perhaps not increasing turnover - should make teams more profitable, so he get’s two seats at the table (three if Gene does as he’s told) and shared costs for the engine + shared chassis bits’n’bobs

Meanwhile, I hope we all enjoyed ths? Would love a trip to the Macau GP. That could be one hell of a trip


Saw Andy Wallace win there in 1986.
Not a great venue TBF but great racing. Atmospheric if you can get the right position. Lisboa is obvious, as is the Hairpin or Fisherman’s. We were at Mandarin which was pretty much flat.


At least we might be able to see what tyre is on each car.


Looks like a failed advert for Viagra…



Interesting headline on formula1.com: “Bottas defeats Hamilton in 2017 finale”

Sure, Bottas won the race, and drove well to do so, but ‘defeats’?


“win a victory over (someone) in a battle or other contest; overcome or beat”

Seems a reasonable use of English.


He defeated all the other drivers in the race, not just Hamilton. He beat Hamilton to first place.

Just struck me as a poor use of English, even if grammatically correct. That said, it was the last opportunity this season for anyone to say Hamilton was defeated… :wink:


Maybe. But it was still a yawnfest.


I think Coulthard referred to it as a ‘slow burner’. LOL.

Anyway Bottas nailed it, well done!


Good work by Bottas - he looked the most convincing I’ve seen him this year, but yeah, one dull race for sure - I actually nodded-out a couple of times until Sam jabbed me awake to shut my snoring up!


Me too. But in my defence, I had come off Nightshift and, without having any sleep, had consumed several pints of ale and a couple of glasses of Rioja at a neighbours’ before watching it.


I had no such defence… :flushed:


I blame the Spanish plonk :+1:


In my case it was mostly a slight cold and the skinful of Belhaven’s aptly-named “Pity the Fool” I had the night before…


So Ian has some new shiny red toys (parts) to play with ! Looking forward to seeing what they can do with them

(pencils Alfa into my 2018 fantasy f1 team)

Whatever the performance aspects, it’s good to see a seemingly stable future for Sauber


Sauber has been around a longtime and it is good to see that its medium term future is now sorted out. We just have to deliver more vehicle performance for 2018 and particularly 2019…