2018 family friendly music festival anyone?

We went to a local music festival recently; the kids loved it and the wife quite liked it too. However, we can’t go to this one next year as we have a wedding, so it’ll have to be a different one.

Anyone with young kids fancy joining forces next year? @Wayward maybe? We haven’t decided which one to go to, so can probably be flexible. I was thinking Camp Bestival in Dorset or the Green Man in Brecon. Or Standon Calling.

you ever been to Folk by the Oak at Hatfield House? Great kids day out - my colleagues bring their kids. We don’t and still have a nice day.

Adam,Green man in Brecon is great I took my kids there a couple of years ago, good lineup usually and burning the green man is great. Just pack wet gear as weather in Brecon can change on a sixpence.

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Already booked for Sidmouth again for next year. My daughter and boyfriend still want to come, they are 21 now.

Festival is friendly for all ages, my Dad comes down for a few days, he’s late 70s :smile:

Yeah it keeps being the wrong weekend for us, hoping to go sometime!

Nice idea! I shall consult the fam’ and revert. :+1:


Kent has some ‘interesting’ festivals mind…eh Ritchie? :grinning:


We played the Utah Saints Green Meadows fest last year - it’s very mellow, with lots to do for kids.
It should be on again next year, tis near Peterborough and it’s at the beginning of August.