2018 Formula 1


A weekend that’s difficult to forget for any motorsport fan.


Indeed it is. Even more sobering to think that it took until 2003 for HANS device that might have saved Ratzenberger’s life to become compulsory, and 2018 for the halo that might have saved Senna and Jules Bianchi’s lives to become compulsory…


Good points well made :+1:


At the risk of incurring some scorn from our very own aero chap, I found these vids quite insightful


Sadly can’t watch since it requires allowing Google to do things with my data.
Google are the biggest pickpockets on the internet and I don’t use them at all, consciously, though there are a lot of Google things going on if I look at the console, which annoys me and I don’t know how to stop it.
Rant over.


If your browser allows incognito viewing it was (last time I tried) possible to use assorted google apps without signing-up to their Data Rape terms.


You should read this: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/04/24/private_web_browsing_study/


Willem Toet is a friend of mine and a very experienced aerodynamicist. He is also a vrey good presenter, so well worth a viewing.


Where does this leave our own @IanW’s future with the team ?


I can tell you that I am still there.


He gone back to Neighbours as Jim Robinson again (early pic when he had hair).


Allow me to simplify for you -

Non-incognito = google-app pop-ups insisting I give them my DNA profile, mistress’s mobile number, bank PINs, inside leg measurement, favourite flavour of ice-cream, mother’s maiden name, etc. etc. ad nauseam.

Incognito = no pop-ups from google.

This may not even still be true, but last time I tried, it was.

The rest I am abundantly aware of.


Good for you. Well done.


Enjoyed that, thank you.



I know it’s not strictly F1 but Freddy an’ shit…


Some of the teams are extremely unhappy about this at all as there is no guarantee that it will increase overtaking, it is poorly researched (FOM are researching it properly for 2021) and it will just cost the teams more money to develop (no carry over parts etc). Also it may not happen because Ferrari can stop it.



Williams have gone for a high rake aero concept, as that is what RBR have done for many years. Unfortunately for them they have found that it is difficult to get to work. The term leaving for personal reasons often covers technical reasons, but in this case I am struggling to see how the Chief Designer could be responsible for an aero solution that is not working yet.


Can’t go to any detail but Ed has got some personal reason for leaving. Wouldn’t be fair to blame his leaving on this year’s disappointment.