2018 Formula 1


Anyone who’s waiting for the highlights later and have a need for motorsport now, stick Quest (freeview) on, historic Monaco :slight_smile:


Grosjean, again. Christ on a bike.

Had to follow the race on the app after I lost 4G a few laps in. I’m assuming I didn’t miss much?


He’s an utter twat and needs his license cancelled imo…

Nope you didn’t miss much after that… :grinning:


There was some overtaking, but the race was really all about trying to keep the tyres working. The Supersofts being particularly difficult. The minor Pirelli changes to the tyres (reduction in tread depth) in theory and in practice seemed to help Mercedes. Back to normal tyre tread depth until Silverstone.

On average Mercedes have the fastest car, with Barcelona a strong circuit for them, so it looks like they have the advantage at this point in the season.


3 place grid penalty (Monaco) & 2 more licence penalty points, making a total of 5. 12 points = race ban.
Slap on the wrist, so business as usual.
With all the debris & wheels flying about, the halo likely did it s job, but hard to tell what with all the tyre smoke. Jeez!


Sorry, one has to click on the link to get to the video


The weather was crappy that day but worth it to be at Donnington & witness “the best opening lap in F1 history”
The Professor was a great wet weather driver, but Senna got him.


I’m gonna be the heretic. This is better, no?


Alonso did drive a brilliant lap but he was out of position, which made it easier for him to do in a faster car and with his driving skills.

Senna was exactly where he should have been and won the race by lapping pretty much everyone and at one point he lapped Prost, the to be World Champion that season, twice.

So I would still put Senna’s first lap at Donnington as the best opening lap I have ever seen.


Alonso did a lot of amazing opening laps before using the run off areas became an offence which corner workers reported to the stewards. He was clever enough to have noticed the congestion could be driven round at some corners rather than joined. He also used to straight line chicanes quite a bit when trying to catch somebody which, again, stopped when the FIA checked if a driver gained by going off circuit. I was frequently exasperated by the amount of time he made up with none of the officials noticing. Smart man.



This did make me chuckle…



Expect an announcement soon then :roll_eyes:


They should never have ditched Capito

Meanwhile, I was one of what I assume were many fans who wrote a pissy mail to Pirelli asking for exactly this. You can all thank me

Am hearing that next year @pirellisport F1 will denote 3 choices per race as Hard, Medium, Soft respectively, regardless of actual compound, which will be communicated to teams for comparison. Sidewall markings Red, Yellow, White respectively. @F1 #F1

— Fritz-Dieter Rencken (@RacingLines) May 21, 2018


Longish but worth reading…


Blimey, its close behind the top 3. Really looking forward to quali on Saturday (and hoping Ricciardo can do the business)


Leclerc mullered Ericson in both practice sessions…


I was really surprised he could go toe to toe with Weirhlein in most races last year, as Weirhlein seemed (is) a decent driver, but he’s having his doors properly blown off by Leclerc this season


Other teams race cos they’re racers, others for a bit of money (though this usually fails). Ferrari are in it to market their roadcars . They have no other raison d’etre IMHO (dont gimme that pedigree / history horseshit)

That this is such a big deal says a whole lot more about the dickheads involved than the matter at hand. There’s clearly a deal to be made, and it’s not a very hard one.

  1. Quit whining about engines being the DNA of Ferrari. Fuck off, and then some - nobody’s suggesting putting DFV’s in the back. Even without the H they’re still marvelous.
  2. Quit whining about the revenue distribution / budget cap: again, fuck right off – free marketing becomes revenue-positive marketing. Try that at Le Mans, pal. (OTOH reality will bite as their point to pound ratio must be the stuff of nightmares.)
  3. They’re not, however, Sauber (sorry Ian) or Torro Rosso and should therefore be treated differently: just not in the sporting rules, nor in the financial cap rules. Just pay the fuckers off.

There is just no alternative for them other than F1: No other category can compete, (esp. as Liberty drag F1 in the 21st C) and there’s no way on God’s earth that Marchionne wants to be at the helm for the implosion of their share price.


My view too. I think it’s nothing more than Ferrari trying to assert their position within the New World F1.

It was ever thus.