2018 Formula 1


Max’s season so far…


Hmmm, not so great when it’s listed out like that!


I’m sure there are worse records, but it doesn’t look any better than Goesrong.


Frank, The MGU-K is worth up to around 2.5 secs a lap but I doubt that it was worth that much on their car at Monaco. Yes the biggest problem would have been rear brake cooling. So it looks like they had capacity to spare there. In the end it made for a very tactical race. Not good for the drivers or most spectators as the cars were being driven well below their limit and overtaking was nigh on impossible.

Monaco is one of the most severe circuits for braking. Which when you think about the braking required is a bit of a surprise (there is very little required) but linked with that there is very little cooling as the max speed is so low and there is little time running at any speed.


The departures continue…


It is becoming like football management.

In this case though he was responsible for the new concept which hasn’t worked and from what they are saying in public, they don’t know how to fix. So they could be struggling for the whole season.

Certainly being a Technical Director at a team like sauber is risky with the team having got through quite a few in the past few years. Simone Resta is likely to stay some time with the backing that he has though.


Elsewhere on the F1 website, Fred West on the #metoo movement, and Lesley Crowther shares his tips for safe driving

Sorry, but he’s just a complete dick making shit up as he goes along.



And so to France. I’ve apparently been dozing at the screen with regard to the ‘new’ Paul Ricard layout for this race

Thankful that the Beausset (t11) is still there, but a bit meh to see those long blasts dominate the track (though probs not the laptime)

Edit: it is not a bit Le-Mans-y? twisty S1, long blasts s2, sweeping then tight S3


Looks just like Montreal… lol…



That doesn’t look much different to the last time we raced there. The big change is the chicane 8 and 9, the mistral straight was a bit of a thing beforehand, and 10 was flat in qualifying if you had good aero.


Were T3-7 part of the old circuit, Frank? I don’t remember them being there before…but I’m usually wrong about anything involving my memory, or lack of ?


3-4-5 may be different to reduce approach speed to the barrier, don’t remember well enough myself really…


Well done to Toyota for, well, not breaking down

Very happy for Fred, but I do hope he’ll temper his “F1 is so predictable” routine now

It all looks like he’s headed to Indy next season, and I doubt we’ll see him back in F1.

Such a shame. There’s no doubt he’s a handful, but he’s (for me) pound for pound the most exceptional driver since Schumacher, and F1 will be much poorer without him. Maybe he can take the McLaren management with him whe he goes


Meanwhile, Honda chose Red Bull. No big $urpri$e

How long will Aston Martin carry on their free PR bollocks of preparing an engine for 21?


Bloody hell, this managed to pass me (and the main F1 rags) by

Not that I think he’s the answer to any question re. fixing McLaren, but something’s going on if Whitmarsh is talking so freely. He hasn’t said a dickie for 3 1/2 years, and now this ?


Blimey! Whitmarsh is off sailing a rubber dinghy or something isn’t he?


I think he’s back on dry land by the sounds of things


Spot on. I am sure that Whitmarsh wants to get back in there and this is a way to further destabilise the McLaren leadership, and effect change. I stand by my comments re Tim Goss, which Whitmarsh has been a bit politer over, All the other guys in the technical leadership team needed to go instead of Tim (he does not impact on performance), as they are fully responsible for the mess.


Might be of interest to @f1eng, amongst others this weekend.

Were you there then Frank?