2018 Formula 1


OK, OK it’s The Mail … but at least ONE McLaren employee is thoroughly pissed off with the state of things right now. And then some. Wooden models !!!


Ungrateful sods, I really like Freddo’s!


Yes me too and they are more like 31p each.


Having never tried a Freddo I’m uncertain whether the staff are right to be hacked off, or not


I think they are being a bit tetchy myself.


If only they’d given them a Toblerone, there would have been none of this trouble and they would have won the next three GP’s.


No, they are all mine.


I was there and the setup was something I did at previous tests, I was running Nelson and Patrick was running Nigel iirc, though it could have been John Piper.
Amusing to hear the shit aspects about Ricard being complained about as if they are new!



David Probyn worked at Honda F1 and then Mercedes F1 for a while as a consultant. Mainly to give the Operation Director some support. He was okay then.

I can well believe what has been written in the article as I have heard for many years that many team members do not want to win as they hate the senior management so much!

Not sure why Boullier has been allowed to get away with saying that he was won races and championships wherever he has worked or in every racing formulae, because he hasn’t won any races with McLaren. He was at Lotus F1 when Raikonnen won a race in 2012 and 1 in 2013 though. That is not competing in the championship really so his track record is nothing like he is making it out to be (winning in F1 is all that matters now).


Congrats to the team on a great Qualifying Session Ian.
Leclerc getting into Q3 was great but P8 must have been beyond expectations.
Here’s hoping for some points tomorrow :grinning:


Thanks. The aim was to get both drivers into Q2 and start to get into Q3. It wasn’t expected but we thought that we had a good chance of doing so today.


Man, Alonso must REALLY want the McLaren Indy Car ride, cos nothing else explains him not going totally apeshit.

I’m still holding out hope for screams of “GP2 aero, GP2 aero, ARRRGGGHHHH” as he gets overtaken by Stroll down the Mistral this afternoon


So here’s Paddy Lowe having a friendly 1-to-1 with Lance "not in the least bit a twat Stroll’s Daddy-O

I’d have paid bloody good money to have seen him try this shit with Patrick Head


Great trophy…



I quite enjoyed watching/reading this little piece.


Reaktion? I had to turn it off half way out of frustration - chance of a lifetime and he takes every corner in 2nd. Pillock


I have to agree with you there, but I guess they are pitching the report at the uber numpty new to F1 person, and I guess he was under strict instructions to not bin it under any circumstances.
Personally I think he did well to suppress his inner boy racer :slight_smile:

Actually @f1eng & @IanW, have either of you two driven any type of F1 car? I’d be interested in your thoughts/experience if so!


I drove the original active car. In the wet, on slicks with weepy clutch seals which meant they had to bleed the clutch for me to engage gear then it was gearshift without clutch. Boost set as low as it would go but still amazed by the lack of grip! Certainly it had less grip than my road car.
I think if you don’t know how to warm the tyres you will never have any chance of driving an F1 car properly.
Many years ago we had a day when Princess Ann drove a FW08C. Frank supported Save the Children and I believe she was the patron. Anyway, she, Mark Phillips and their police bodyguard had a go.
She was sensible and went carefully, Mark Phillips listened carefully to what he was told, and built up to a pretty impressive time for a novice. The bodyguard was a complete plonker. I think he though he was God’s gift and much have badgered like buggery to get a go but he didn’t listen, set off like a scalded cat, and made every mistake in the book. Pathetic. Probably fancied himself after doing a police driving course or something…


Many years ago (when I was much thinner) I dove a Tyrell A20 at Circuit du Var in France. Not much of a track but a great experience. Hot temps made tyre warm up quite easy. Brakes were my issue. Oh, and aero. Nothing fucking works until you are driving waaaay beyond your limits. And then you can’t do anything about it.
No downforce & no brakes = barrier here I come !

I loved it though :smiley:


Never driven an F1 car and know that I would be useless at it! But I also know that just about anybody who says they could really drive one, who hasn’t driven a very high performance race car to a high standard, doesn’t have a chance.

As an example of this, in 1983 I went with the McLaren test team an airfield in France to do some straight line aero testing. None of our drivers were available so Martin Hynes (was the current world karting champion) drove. On his first outing onto the runway he got the car straight and then booted it, and ended up off the runway in the weeds. He was so embarrassed by his mistake, that he helped clean the radiators etc!