2018 Formula 1


Hamilton is such a whiny fucking baby.


…but boy, can he drive. :-):smile:


Respect for his driving ability but jayzuz what a petulant cunt.


I suspect there will be a spike in tin-foil sales as Hamfisters jump to conclusions.


Not a great role model but better than Neymar



Not a great health choice, but better than cancer.


I find it sad when such a strong company brings in new leadership (with no track record of ever achieving, which is completely the opposite of the team’s competence) and they trash it (McLaren).

Or when a company will not change and the inevitable decline happens (Williams).


Claiming he had lost “nearly 3kg” in his recovery drive, Hamilton said he “barely had any energy at the end to stand, let alone talk”.

“If you can’t understand and appreciate that then I fully understand,” he added.

“[It] was nothing to do with anger, [I was] literally just exhausted both physically and emotionally.”

More back peddling than the May’s cabinet :roll_eyes:


This spinning of information makes them all look stupid. He would get far more respect if he just said that he screwed up.

Paul Di Resta is the worst example of a driver that I have heard of who never made a mistake. It was always someone else’s fault, even when it was clearly his fault! In the end no one wants to work with drivers like that.


With all the replays and info available, it just seems pathetic that they think they can lie/deceive/cheat and are convinced that nobody will notice.


Surrounded by yes men and an ego massager in chief


Not technically F1:




Ouch…reminds me of Martin Brundles…


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Not the most surprising thing to happen recently…


Best rumour of the day;

Charles Leclerc to Ferrari
Kimi to Sauber



I don’t think Kimi would be smiling about that one.
Oh, hang on…


Back to where he started?