2018 Formula 1


With respect to Ian, not exactly back to the future though.


Maybe Bernie wasn’t so mad after all. The prospect of rain adds considerably to interest in the event.


What a busting race!


Wow, just watched the highlights, I wasn’t expecting that!


If anyone has recorded this for later stop reading NOW. Great race.


Gosh! :grinning:


I was thinking more 'kin ell! :smiley:


Nah…dead boring, nothing happened, typical F1 procession :grin:
Nothing a bit of cloud seeding or sprinklers couldn’t put right



You’re a bit late with that one, need to put your consolidation skills to use. :stuck_out_tongue:




Some interesting bits and bobs here: https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/archive/article/february-2018/109/spark-true-free-spirit


Really ropey footage but while I’m no fan of Nelson Piquet, this is fuckin’ epic…


Holding that drift through the corner was remarkable!


Best overtake I ever saw. I am a big fan of Nelson too, great bloke and one of the best I ever worked with. Always worked hard, never winged, always owned up and apologised if he made a mistake, had a brilliant sense of humour and, until getting concussion when he crashed against the wall at Tamburello in 1987one of the best of all IMO but after that he wasn’t as quick since he couldn’t see as well, and Mansell could often equal him.


Well, Ferrari totally blew that! Poor show from them, and a second weekend where the Gods have smiled on Lewis


I found it a bit dull to be honest.

I think Bernie was right with the random sprinkler thing :slight_smile:


Pretty typical Hungary race. Processional with a few changes in the pits. The only time it’s different is if drivers are out of position or there’s rain.
Ferrari really need to work on strategy. Totally blew it IMV.


I didn’t understand the strategy with Bottas to be honest.